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Backlinks are tricky; you’ll have to play by Google’s rules to win. However, without it you won’t build authority over your market. Your well-written content will just be a waste of digital space unless it ranks. Reliable SEO companies will only work for backlinks from trusted and relevant websites that pass a strict quality check. Getting this wrong will lead to a Google penalty for building spammy backlinks. With backlinks, quality should always come before quantity.

SEO is incomplete without blogs. Consider blogs like fishing rods in water. The more you have rods, the more fish you will catch. Bloggers can use both long and low-competitive tail-keywords. These keywords can drive more traffic to your site and generate more revenue. Your competitive keywords keep you on Google's first-page.

SEO experts know that the secret to CRO is maximising your traffic value. Getting new traffic comes in second. A leaky hose can still fill a bucket. But fixing the leak saves you more time and money. The same goes for maximising your conversion rate. A good SEO firm should focus on understanding where you’re leaking now; instead of forcing new traffic to your website.

For most businesses, it’s about ‘local search’. Which is great, because Google loves to focus on local results. We’ll help you optimise your Google My Business listing and set you up to perform well in your target local area.

web optimisation brisbane

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