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An SEO audit is a great way to check the health of your site. To identify potential issues, our experts will examine your traffic sources, metadata and meta descriptions. Our help will improve the performance of your site and increase your ranking in search engines.

We wouldn’t be doing right by our clients to give them a price for SEO without first having a chat and doing some research. That’s why we ask that you speak with one of our strategists in order to get an accurate quote.

SEO agencies that are worthwhile are transparent. They will offer honest suggestions about the need to update your website. Try to imagine yourself as your customer. A quick Google search of keywords will show you what's available. Next, compare your website against the top 10 competitors. Let's forget about your ego and see if your website is up to par with the top 10 competitors. Then you will know if you are in need of a redesign, and why.

seo brisbane specialist

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