A. Advanced Degree Professionals

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Depending on qualification and professional area, uscis may consider that the presence of the eb-2 candidate in the united states meets the country’s national interest waiver (niw), which means that a job offer and a work certification are not required. The eb-2 niw aims to attract high-skilled foreign professionals who will contribute in areas with a shortage of specialized workers in the usa, such as health, technology, education, engineering, aviation, science, etc. To qualify for eb-2 based on an advanced degree, applicants must submit official academic records showing that they have at least one u. S. Bachelor’s degree (or a foreign equivalent degree) and/or at least five years of progressive bachelor’s experience in their specialties, which must be attested with letters from current or former employers and other types of documentation. give

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D. National Interest Waiver of Job Offer

Foreign professional must have earned an advanced degree (beyond bachelor’s), a u. S. Bachelor’s degree, or a foreign equivalent degree. Must also have 5+ years of progressive post-baccalaureate experience in the specialty. Eb-2 petitions must generally be accompanied by an approved labor certification from the u. S. Department of labor’s employment and training administration. Eb-2 professionals with exceptional ability foreign nationals with exceptional ability in the sciences, arts, or business may qualify for permanent residence status under this category. Furthermore, individuals may apply for a waiver of job offer and labor certification if they can establish that such a waiver is in the national interest. dont

Professionals holding advanced university degrees, and persons of exceptional ability in the sciences, arts, or business. To obtain an approved eb-2 visa of either sort, the foreign national must have a job offer and an approved perm labor certification. (however, if a foreign national qualifies under the second way described above, based on exceptional ability, that person may obtain what's called a national interest waiver, in which case a labor certification and job offer will not be required. ).

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