What Is the Difference Between Spiced Rum and Dark Rum?

by Richard

Posted on 16-07-2022 09:56 PM

The colour of rum is not always indicative of its flavour. Colour is removed during the distillation process leaving behind the flavour and body. Very dark rums are often unaged or young rums. The colour does not necessarily mean anything. Spiced Rum is rum that has been flavoured using traditional spices like vanilla, ginger, cinnamon, and more. It can also be sweetened by sugar.

Spiced Rum

It is important to understand the differences between dark and spiced rum. Spiced rum is mixed with natural herbs and spices, while dark rum is usually aged for a longer time. Spices are typically derived from dried fruits, barks, or seeds, though they can also be derived from leaves. Spiced rum is made from cinnamon and clove, for example. The taste of each is different, but they all share the same basic characteristics.

In addition to a higher alcohol content, spiced rum has a unique flavor. It is flavored with cinnamon, nutmeg, raisins, and toffee, and is often used in cocktails. These alcoholic beverages can be enjoyed either neat or mixed. Both dark and spiced Rums can be used to make a variety of spirited drinks. Choose the one that suits you best!

While there are many types of flavored liqueurs and tequilas, spiced rum is a delicious sipping alcoholic beverage. It's also great in a rum & coke. If you prefer something more complex, you can opt for the dark and aged varieties of spiced rum, like Captain Morgan Spiced Rum. Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum is also available. Then again, you can go for the tamer version of the former - the spiced rum has less menthol and more cassia.

Dark Rum

What is the difference between dark rum and spiced? Although they share similarities in flavour and aroma, the difference between them lies in the spice they contain. Dark rum is more likely to be rich in molasses than spiced rum, which is sweeter and has a distinct spiced flavour. They also have different alcoholic contents. Let's compare the two types and discover which is better for you.

White rhum is typically produced in Spanish-speaking countries. This type is usually clean and has a mild molasses flavor. On the other hand, dark rum is typically made in English-speaking countries. This style of rum is typically darker in color and retains the molasses flavor. Some countries that produce dark rum include Bermuda, Belize, Trinidad and Tobago, and Jamaica.

Spiced rhum is an excellent introduction to rum. This style is best enjoyed straight on the rocks. Premium spiced rhum has a stronger flavor and is better for mixing than a lower-quality version. Several brands of spiced rum also include spiced spirit in their expressions. If you're interested in trying spiced rhum, you can try Lyme Bay Winery's dark rhum, which has a spicy taste. This blend is great with ginger beer or cola. You can also try spiced rhum mixed with an alcohol beverage such as ginger beer.

A flavored rum is a great way to spice up your evening. Spiced rums often contain herbs or fruit that enhance the flavor of rum. They are available in many countries, and are widely regarded as the most versatile of sugar cane spirits. You can enjoy it straight or mixed with water, lime, or other flavors.

Gold rum

When we talk about a drink, rum comes in three different types: white, spiced and dark. White rums are used in many of the more common alcoholic beverages, such as a daiquiri, mojito, or pina colada. Spiced rums are darker and more amber in colour and are often used to make rum punches. Both have their place but cocktails are best served with a golden rum.

Golden rhum is aged in wood barrels and will have a mellow, caramel flavor. It is more complex than white rum, and can be enjoyed neat or in a cocktail. Some golden rums are even caramelized, so they look and taste like a dessert! A great substitute for light rum, gold rum can be enjoyed with a pina Colada.

Spiced rhum is aged in oak barrels, while dark rhum is aged in wood casks for a longer period of time. The coloring of dark rum is the result of prolonged barrel aging. While black rum is the most expensive, it has a more robust flavor than golden rhum. This rum is used in mixed drinks and is the most expensive.

Although black rum isn't as popular as white, it does have a distinct flavor. Black rums retain the molasses, giving it a rich, caramel-like flavor. It is often colored with burnt caramel to add a rich, bold flavor to baked goods. Black rums are aged in barrels that have been heavily charred, imparting a deep flavor to the liquid.


There is a big difference between dark and spiced rums. Spiced rums tend be more robust and have higher proof. Spiced rums have a distinct flavor and aroma. Light rum is made from Molasses, but it is aged in barrels filled with Bourbon to give it a milder taste.

Most popular brands fall into the same price range. The difference in price is due to the ingredients and aging process. Malibu Coconut Rum, for example, is the same price as Captain Morgan Original Spiced but it has mango and pineapple infusions. Kraken Black Spiced Rum is also available, which is a darker version of Captain Morgan. Both rums have similar prices and are equally delicious. Kraken Black Spiced Rum, however, is a great alternative if you prefer black rum.

While spiced rums have been long derided by purists, they have become increasingly popular as a way to add a kick to cocktails. Although spiced rums were originally created to disguise cheap grog, many people now use them to enhance cocktails. And while a dark rum might have a better flavor, spiced rum is still best sipped neat.


Both Spiced and Dark Rum are sweet and delicious, but the main difference is the age. Although aged rum will be more expensive, it will have deeper and more complex flavors. You can find both varieties in liquor stores. Here are the characteristics of each type. Dark rum is the most expensive. Spiced rum is generally less expensive and lighter.

You can make both types of rum using a blender. Some dark rum brands don’t require the aging process, while others are aged for the same time as spiced. Some brands of dark rum contain caramel coloring to give them a dark appearance. To ensure you get what you want, you must carefully read labels. Each type of rum is different in color and flavor. Black rum is dark in color and spiced rum is lighter in color.

Premium Spiced rum is flavored with a secret blend of spices, including cinnamon and nutmeg. This rum is medium amber/orange in color, and has a smoother taste than Original Spiced Rum. Premium spiced Rum is a great choice for mixing cocktails and can be used with mixers. A blend of spices such as vanilla or butterscotch can also be found in Premium Spiced Rum, but they are more subtle than the Premium Spiced Rum.


There are many differences between dark and light rum. The color difference is not an indication of aging but rather a sign of quality. Dark rum has been aged in barrels for a long time, while light rum has not. There is some difference between aged and unaged rum, and some of the latter have no discernible color. Some darker varieties have caramel coloring or extra Molasses.

Spiced Rums are made from spices and other local ingredients. Some varieties are spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, vanilla, coconut, allspice, and citrus fruits. The resulting rums are characterized by their rich flavors, and the taste is usually more complex than the latter. They can also be mixed with cocktails. However, if you are looking for a cocktail that will be a bit sweeter, a spiced rum might be more suitable.

In addition to the flavour, spiced rum is usually aged for the same amount of time as black rum. It has caramel coloring and spices. Old Jamaica and Captain Morgan are two common brands of spiced Rum. Other brands may only be available in certain regions. There are four main types. If you want to experiment with different types, you can find a recipe that calls for a specific type.