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Other websites may contain lower levels of potassium than regular coffee. This is crucial because I have both high potassium and severe kidney disease.

Even if you have some health issues, it may be necessary to reduce your coffee intake or to change how you drink coffee. But you don't have to stop drinking coffee. Talk to your doctor if you have any health issues.

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Creamers have different potassium levels. Half and half cream contains 15mg of potassium per creamer (0.38 Fl Oz/11 ml).

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Many people love adding milk to their morning coffee. However, it has a shockingly high potassium level. A cup full of milk contains 366mg potassium. This is more than twice the amount in one cup.

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The amount of potassium in creamers can vary. Half-and half creams contain 15 mg potassium per creamer (0.38 FL Oz / 11.ML).

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The National Institutes of Health states that the daily recommended intake of potassium is between 2,300 mg and 3,400 mg. This amount can vary depending on gender and age.