Trusted Pest Control Fort Lauderdale

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Posted on 03-03-2023 06:02 am

East Coast Pest Control & Fertilization, Inc.

East Coast Pest Control & Fertilization, Inc. has been providing trusted pest control services for over 40 years in West Palm, Broward, Miami County, and the surrounding areas. Our team undergoes extensive training to learn about different types of pests and all the ins and outs of pest control.

Expert Bed Bug Treatment

Bed bugs are on the rise, and they are often mistaken for fleas. These pests survive by biting and feeding on your blood, and they are worse than fleas. According to the National Pest Management Association, 84% of pest control professionals initially mistake bed bugs for a different type of pest.

Bed bugs can survive up to a year without eating, and they can be found not only in certain parts of your bed but also in couches, stuffed animals, bus seats, and even bags. Nursing homes, hotels, motels, apartments, and condominiums are the most common places for bed bugs.

If you suspect a bed bug infestation, don't hesitate to call East Coast Pest Control for immediate service. Our team of exterminators will arrive by the next business day to analyze your suspected furniture for validation and treat the affected areas. It's crucial to treat bed bugs promptly, and DIY methods are often ineffective due to the pests' ability to hide and survive.

Trusted Pest Control Fort Lauderdale

Tree Services

Although it may not be at the forefront of our minds, trees are also vulnerable to pest issues, much like lawns and gardens. Signs of disease or insect infestation, such as discolored foliage, stunted leaf growth, and holes in the bark, can be observed on trees in nature or in a yard. At East Coast Pest Control & Fertilization, we are not only a trusted pest control company but also experts in tree care.

Often, nutritional deficiencies are the cause of a sick tree. However, with early diagnosis of diseases or pests, coupled with appropriate treatment, the tree can be saved from dying or infecting other trees in the area. Contact East Coast Pest for a no-obligation quote on tree care services.

Trusted Pest Control Fort Lauderdale

Schedule a Free Inspection with East Coast Pest Control & Fertilization

Contact us today to schedule a service for your pest control needs. You can either call our office or fill out a contact form on our website, and our skilled technician will visit your property to provide a free quote and suggest the best pest control services for you.

As one of the leading and most dependable pest control companies in the tri-county area, East Coast Pest Control takes great pride in keeping your home or business pest-free. Don't hesitate to get in touch with our team to learn how we can help you with your pest problems.