Tarrant County Bail Bonds

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Posted on 08-04-2023 10:08 PM

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Tarrant County, in 2021, had 42,618 reported crimes. Though lower than the national average for overall crime, the county had a higher rate of property crime. As a result, there is a greater likelihood of arrests, higher incarceration rates, and an increased demand for legal representation and bail bond agents in the area.


Bail amounts for individuals who have been arrested and processed are determined by a judge, who generally follows the county schedule. While trials can take days or even months, posting bail allows the accused to await their trial outside of jail. A bail bond agent can assist clients in navigating the Tarrant County Jail bond schedule, payment requirements, and the court-mandated rules for release from custody. By providing essential information, the bail bond agent can help individuals get out of jail quickly and smoothly.

Exploring the Various Categories of Bail Bonds and Their Significance


Upon the occurrence of an arrest of yourself or a dear one, the need to post bail arises. It is essential to know that there exist distinct types of bail bonds that may suit your requirements. At David Gallagher, we offer a range of bail bonds tailored to our clients' needs after an arrest. Each bond is tailored to fit the unique circumstances of the individual, and the judge sets the amount at the preliminary hearing. The most crucial aspect of these bonds is to adhere to the conditions of your release, attend court appearances, and maintain communication with the judge or the bail bondsman.


Three Types of Bonds in the Legal System


When someone is arrested, they may be granted the opportunity to post bail in order to be released from jail while awaiting their trial. There are three types of bonds available for defendants to choose from, depending on their financial situation and the circumstances of their case:


  1. Cash Bond: In this type of bond, the defendant must pay the full amount of the bail in cash. Cash bonds are typically used when the defendant is considered a flight risk, a danger to the community, or when the court prefers to keep them in jail until their trial. If the defendant appears in court as required and complies with the conditions of their release, their bail will be returned to them after the trial.
  2. Surety Bond: Also known as a bail bond, this type of bond is used when the defendant cannot afford the full amount of the bail. In a surety bond, the defendant's family contacts a bail bond service that works with a surety company. The surety company provides the money for the bail bond, and the bail bondsmen represent the accused in a bail hearing, guaranteeing the court that the full amount of the bail will be paid if the defendant fails to appear. The bail bond service company requires 10% of the bail amount and collateral from the defendant or their family to ensure court appearance.
  3. Property Bond: This type of bond is used when the defendant has valuable property that can be used as collateral in place of cash bail payment. The property can include boats, cars, houses, motorcycles, and other personal possessions. If the defendant fails to appear in court, the court can possess the items, and the owner forfeits any claim to them. Property bonds should only be considered as a last resort.

Tarrant County Bail Bonds

Understanding the Bail Bond Process in Tarrant County


After being arrested in Tarrant County, the first step for the accused is to go through the booking process at the Tarrant County Jail. This administrative process involves taking fingerprints, photographs, and conducting a background check, as well as the removal of personal items. Once the booking is complete, the only way for an arrestee to leave is by posting bail and complying with specific conditions.


To initiate the bail bond process, the accused may contact a bail bondsman, who will provide financial assistance. This usually requires the payment of 10% of the full bail amount and collateral. The next step involves filling out necessary paperwork, providing contact information, and discussing available options with a bail bondsman who will finalize the contracts with a surety company. The person signing the paperwork assumes financial responsibility for ensuring that the defendant appears in court.


After the bonds are secured and paid to the court, the defendant can be released on bail, which typically takes anywhere from 30 minutes to eight hours, depending on jail circumstances. It is essential to understand the bail bond process to ensure a smooth and timely release from custody.

Tarrant County Bail Bonds

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