So what do they all do?

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This child approaches the task of reading with the same expectation of pain and grim determination that is summoned up before pulling off a bandage. When mark’s tutor asks him to say something about himself, it is clear he and his family have been stunned by his placement in a learning support class at his new school. Mark says softly, “i know i was smart in kindergarten and i think i was still smart in first grade, but then…” his voice sounds wistful as he says softly, “i just don’t know what happened to me. ”what has

happened to this child, once confident and competent, now floundering amidst intensive efforts to remediate his reading difficulties? researcher sulzby ( 1985 ) concluded that children who are deluged with reading instruction can become “hopelessly confused” about what it is that they are expected to do. control

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