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Sushi Way is best known for its All You Can Eat Sushi. It includes special chef rolls (skewers), tempura, dessert and many other items. Sushi Way also offers mackerel, crab, mackerel, and super-white tuna sushi. The AYCE dinner menu is $21 and $26 respectively. AYCE lunch runs from 11am to 3pm. You can order the AYCE evening until the restaurant is closed.
Chef Dragon runs Sakana, a Japanese restaurant and bar. Most customers love the AYCE menu, which makes it a top choice for all-you can eat restaurants in Las Vegas. The AYCE menu can be found at Sakana, located at 3949 S Maryland Pkwy in Eastside Las Vegas. You can choose from salmon, freshwater eel and surf clam as well as garlic tuna and octopus.

The menu includes sushi, sashimi and maki rolls. You can also order caviar. Morimoto Las Vegas offers a variety of fish options, including salmon and tuna, yellowtail, maki rolls, maki rolls, sashimi, squid and yellowtail. John Chien Lee, a former chef at a Japanese restaurant on The Strip, opened his own restaurant a few years back. Soho is a cheaper option to the Strip's sushi restaurants, but the food is equally good.

You can choose from sashimi, sushi or specialty rolls, or order a sushi platter to try a variety of options. Sushi Roku offers both pickup and delivery. Both options are very affordable. There are four locations of Sapporo Revolving Sushi in Las Vegas, but the Spring Mountain Rd location is the most popular. You can order sushi from a tablet and have it delivered on a conveyor belt.

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good ayce sushi

Some AYCE eat places are sloppy about quality, but not Umami. Everything on the menu is excellent, from the nigiri all the way to the handrolls. $25.95 for the all-you-can-eat lunch and $29.95 for the dinner menu. Sushi 21, a sushi place located just behind Excalibur is near the Las Vegas Strip. It's not accessible from the street, but it is easily accessible via Uber or taxi.
Yellowtail has sashimi (sushi), sushi rolls, tempura, and sushi. My favorite specialty roll is the Angry Salmon special, which includes salmon and avocado with serrano bell peppers, cucumber, and serrano peppers. Fresh omakase also can be ordered. Kaiseki Yuzu's Japanese restaurant changes its menu once a month. Similar to Sushi-Kame, they offer only two seatings: 5:30pm & 8:00pm. These are the only times when you can make a reservation. It is worth making a booking at least two days in advance.

Umiya Sushi might not be located in Chinatown. However, it is very close. Umiya can be reached by a quick 5-minute Uber ride from The Strip. The menu is simple, so it's easy to order. Umiya also serves soups and salads. They have a $25 lunch special every week, from 11:30am through 3pm. For children below 36 inches, you can have your child eat at no cost. A discounted price is available for children between 36 inches and 52 inches (13.95).

Kumi's Japanese-American style gives Japanese food a Korean American twist. Akira Back is the restaurant's head chef. The sushi bar forms the heart of the dining space. Its overall design is inspired from common Japanese homes. The menu includes cool and warm shared plates, New Style Sashimi, salmon, white fish, beef with hot oil and yuzusoy garlic and microchicki, signature rolls, and sushi or sashimi. Hot Mess: Sashimi poke, hot crab and Screaming O Sauce create new flavor combinations with creative signature rolls. Also available is a complete selection of entrees like steak, Kobe Short Ribs, Jidori Chicken and uni Shrimp Pasta.

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Hayashi Japanese Cuisine offers one of the most affordable AYCE sushi lunch specials available in Las Vegas. For $20, you can get as many sushi rolls as you like. You can get as many sushi rolls as you like from AYCE, including poke, sashimi platters and roll platters. Delivery and takeout are also available, but delivery is limited to 5 miles from the restaurant. If you stay on the Strip, delivery is usually possible. Las Vegas is home to many quality sushi restaurants. There are many places to eat at affordable and luxury sushi restaurants all along the Strip.
When I taste-tested all the top sushi restaurants in Las Vegas and found some that offered an all-you can-eat menu, I was happy to find a few more. It can be expensive to eat sushi, especially on the Strip. So it is worth looking for a place that offers all-you-can eat (AYCE). These are the best places in Las Vegas to get all you can eat sushi after trying many different restaurants. Oyeshi Sushi is one of the first all-you-can-eat sushi restaurants in Las Vegas. Two locations are currently available, each about a 20-minute drive from Strip.

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