Parent Taught Online Drivers Education In Texas

Teen Driving Accident Videos Across The State

No Texas parent ever wants to learn that his/her teenage child was involved in any kind of auto or other vehicle accident, regardless of whether or not the teen was involved in the responsibility.  This is why parent taught drivers ed in Texas should be taken very seriously, and not just due to the possible auto insurance discounts which one's insurance company may or may not offer.

Drivers Education of America offers an all-video, TDLR approved and DPS office accepted, online driving education course for Texas teenagers ages 14, 15, 16, and 17.  You may find out more, including customer reviews, at this link:  Drivers Education of America - Texas teen online driving course

Examples Of Teen Driving Accidents Across Texas

The following videos are simply given as examples of what has happened in recent years across the State of Texas. This is not to cast fault, blame, shame or any other emotion -- these are provided purely as examples of injuries, property damage, or worse involving teen drivers in Texas in recent memory.  Regardless of blame, the fact is that people were hurt (or worse) as a result of these vehicle accidents; and, in some instances, not much could have been done to avoid the damage. Many, however, could have been avoided - or perhaps reduced magnitude of damage - if proper safe driving techniques were followed.


Frio County



Corpus Christi


San Antonio

Missouri City


Lake Worth

Corpus Christi

Comal County

El Paso

San Augustine County


Andrews County

Southwest Houston

Highway 90

For playlists featuring safe driving tips, examples of bad drivers, and driving examples around many individual Texas cities and college campuses then visit Drivers Education of America's YouTube playlists here.